Go DJ…

What’s good fam,

This past Friday April 24th, 2009 we had some special guests in the house at CIUT 89.5fm. Musiklee Inzane from Flow 93.5’s Real Frequency show, Dj Agile of Brass Munk notoriety and the big homie Dj Grouch joined Stylistik Endeavors for some videography and general good times.

Agile is running for the Board of Directors at SOCAN (www.socan.ca for more info) and he ran down the reasons for his campaign while highlighting the importance for Hip Hop/R n’ B/”Urban” music gaining representation at SOCAN. Some great points and very informative interview. Go vote if you are a member, if not, register now.

Here are a few pics from the packed show…and yes, we have a new “dedicated” frequent caller at Stylistik…Call display is my friend. I’ll leave it at that.

Musiklee aka Visually Inzane and Dj Agile

Dj Fase, STF, Musiklee Inzane and Dj Agile live at STYLISTIK ENDEAVORS


One Response to Go DJ…

  1. Agile says:

    For more info, you can check out my facebook event. Links, phone number etc. are all posted. Enjoy yourselfs, and VOTE for your Boy



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