The Bill is goin off…

September 20, 2008

Our main man (and dusty finger digger) Bill came through and did the Biz for us while Serious rocked out Breakbeat Science & the old school gems (like real old school… Not 90’s throw back that people call “old skool” nowadays)…


Writers Block: RECKA TCM

September 16, 2008

RECKA TCM/Rusholme 5 (Rusholmes Crew)
One of the illest tags in TO. It looks even more impressive with paint.

Writers Block

July 25, 2008

This section is dedicated to the Writers out there. I’ll add dope hand styles, ill pieces & anything related to the subculture of Graffiti. Peas: DSK, UNC, CS, and the rest of the posses doing it and that have done it right: KOWs, TDV, KWOTA, BA, and on & on… Last but never the least-always & forever TCM (WD)… AC Gardens lives!

SAST1 (Kensington Market)


The King of What?… The King Of Style!

July 24, 2008

Formal Introduction:

Stylistik Endeavors is a weekly radio show that has been broadcasting on the air waves of college radio for just about a decade.  Currently the show can be heard live in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada) on Friday nights 8-10PM on C.I.U.T. the University of Toronto Radio Station, 89.5FM.  

The crew of Stylistik Endeavors consists of Planet Pea and Theology 3 on Hosting and Programming Duties and Dj Serious and Dj Fase providing the musical selections and live dj mixing. 

The Show’s focus is to showcase and augment peoples awareness of Hip Hop culture and it’s various musical forms in a way that is both entertaining and enlightening and at the same time, searching for uniqueness and style while maintaining authenticity to the art form.


Casual Introduction:

So basically this is the new online home of the Stylistik Endeavors radio show.  We will be posting show archives and various news and cool things that we feel deserve a little more attention,  the subjects and music that most of us either don’t have the time to check or are straight sleeping on. This will be our direct link to you,  the listeners, and will be the perfect opportunity to give you a deeper perspective as to how the team operates. Feel free to post comments and definitely hit us up.