Frankie Payne live at Stylistik

April 21, 2009

Definite good vibes this past week (April 17th 09) on the show as Sweet Touch Foundation blessed the decks with a wide array of joints from breaks to bangers. Serious is out in Asia taking some great pics, Fase was away on biz so we held down the show.

Toronto Hip Hop artist Frankie Payne, known for his foundation group Graphidi Logik and his releases on Brown Bricks ent. came by the show to drop some science. Good to hear from a talented vet on the trials of staying motivated and creating good music despite the ups and downs of the Canadian music industry. Great Interview. Very solid music too, if the new joints MONEY produced by Boi1da and REACH produced by Tone Mason are any indication of his new disrection, we will gladly pull out the GPS and follow along. Here’s some pics courtesy of Sweet Touch Foundation and a few video links.

Sweet Touch!

Sweet Touch!


Sweet Touch Foundation at it again!

Sweet Touch Foundation at it again!


Frankie Payne Live in Studio

Frankie Payne Live in Studio




April 14, 2009


We definitely have given the album IN REAL LIFE by Toronto Mainstay WIO K some extended run at the show. It’s only right that we let other people know about the goodness that we helped break in the city. Take the tunes in, talented and humble cat straight from the Scarborough district.


Writers Block

July 25, 2008

This section is dedicated to the Writers out there. I’ll add dope hand styles, ill pieces & anything related to the subculture of Graffiti. Peas: DSK, UNC, CS, and the rest of the posses doing it and that have done it right: KOWs, TDV, KWOTA, BA, and on & on… Last but never the least-always & forever TCM (WD)… AC Gardens lives!

SAST1 (Kensington Market)